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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD-rich cannabis has a long history of being used to treat health problems. Today the therapeutic properties of CBD are being tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world.

What does full spectrum mean?

Full spectrum CBD also contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber. When referring to CBD in the hemp plant, it’s important to understand that Hemp contains a large number of cannabinoids (in trace amounts), but the main compounds are CBD and cannabidiolic acid (CBDa). As CBDa is more abundant in the hemp plant, firms must decarboxylate the oil. This process heats the oil and changes CBDa into CBD.

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)? 

Let's look at the word "endocannabinoid." "Cannabinoid" comes from "cannabis," and "endo" is short for "endogenous," which means that it is produced naturally inside of your body.

The ECS itself is made up of three parts:

  • Endocannabinoids
  • Receptors in the nervous system and around your body that endocannabinoids and cannabinoids bond with
  • Enzymes that help break down endocannabinoids and cannabinoids

The ECS maintains homeostatis, which is the optimal balance of your body's natural rhythms. CBD helps support this process. 

What health benefits have been associated with CBD?

There are numerous medical benefits attributed to CBD, and the list keeps growing. Here are some uses that have recently been scientifically documented.

Allergic asthma — "CBD treatment decreased the inflammatory and remodeling processes in the model of allergic asthma," according to the European Journal of Pharmacology

Anxiety and sleep — "Cannabidiol may hold benefit for anxiety-related disorders," The Permanente Journal

Blood pressure — "This data shows that acute administration of CBD reduces resting BP and the BP increase to stress in humans," JCI Insight

Inflammation — "CBD that exerts prolonged immunosuppression ... might be used in chronic inflammation, the terpenoids ... might thus be used to relieve acute inflammation," Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research

Ovarian function/female reproductive system — Impacts "the female reproductive system where it affects folliculogenesis, oocyte maturation and ovarian endocrine secretion," Journal of Ovarian Research19 PTSD and nightmares — "Administration of oral CBD in addition to routine psychiatric care was associated with PTSD symptom reduction ... CBD also appeared to offer relief in a subset of patients who reported frequent nightmares as a symptom of their PTSD," Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Pain, migraine, detoxification from opioids — "There is accumulating evidence for various therapeutic benefits of cannabis/cannabinoids, especially in the treatment of pain, which may also apply to the treatment of migraine and headache. There is also supporting evidence that cannabis may assist in opioid detoxification and weaning, thus making it a potential weapon in battling the opioid epidemic," Headache

How does CBD help with the side effects some people experience from drinking coffee?

Caffeine has many benefits but can also have negative side effects if someone has a caffeine sensitivity or consumes excessive amounts of caffeine. Side effects from drinking coffee may include increased/rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, jitters, anxiety or agitation, headaches, ringing in the ears, insomnia, restlessness, upset or irritated stomach, fluctuations in blood sugar, cause an decrease of calcium in your body which can lead to weakened bones. 

Researchers have found that CBD may decrease inflammation, reduce anxiety, stress and depression, ease nausea and vomiting, aid in digestion, relieve pain, improve sleep, benefit the heart and circulatory system, including the ability to lower high blood pressure. Thus, CBD has the potential to counteract the side effects that come from drinking coffee making the union between CBD and coffee beneficial and appealing to many people.        

How much CBD does 420 Brew Street coffee contain?

420MG of CBD in each 12 oz bag of 420 Brew Street coffee. The suggested amount of grounds to use to make a cup of coffee is half an ounce. Thus, each cup of coffee contains 17.5MG of CBD.